How much rental income will my ski property earn?

How much rental income will my ski property earn?

There is excellent potential to earn ski property rental income in Austria. Depending on which weeks you rent out and which weeks you use yourself, owners earn approx. 3 to 6% ROI.

Many ski property owners live outside of Austria and therefore also rent their chalet or apartment out throughout the year. This is an efficient way to earn an income and covers the costs of your ski property. You can also make a profit!

Austria is a particularly good place to buy a ski property as a rental investment, due to its perfect dual-season altitude. The summer season is just as popular as the winter season in many Austrian resorts, so owners can rent out year round, rather than just in the ski season. Additionally, Austria’s rental obligation system has developed some wonderful rental management companies who will take care of your property for you. So renting your ski property is very easy. They will advertise your property, schedule your bookings, and meet & greet your guests when they arrive. Your rental manager will also deal with laundering & cleaning your property, and much more. They are tourism experts and are dedicated to maximising you ski property rental income.

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