How much are ski property running costs?

How much are ski property running costs?

It is important to have a rough idea of your ski property running costs. If you buy in an apartment building, or in a chalet village, the costs of maintaining communal areas will be divided between the owners. These costs are divided fairly and proportionately, according to the size of each ski property.

Running costs are often calculated on a price/m2 basis. A ski chalet or apartment will cost approx. 3-5 EUR/m2/month. This will cover snow clearance, rubbish removal, water rates, building insurance, local property taxes, cleaning and lighting for any communal areas, maintenance of the gardens, and much more. If you buy a ski property with spa facilities, e.g. swimming pool, the running costs could increase to approx. 7-11 EUR/m2/month. However, these expenses don’t include your personal usage of gas and electricity. This will vary depending on how much energy you use.

Most ski property owners live outside of Austria and therefore also rent their property out throughout the year. This is a great way for you to earn additional income. There are rental obligations in Austria and different types of rental properties you can buy.

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